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What is a KINGS Standing Order?

A KINGS Comics Standing Order is the most simple and convenient way for you to collect your comics and collectibles! 

With a Standing Order you're guaranteed not to miss out on an item you've requested.

A Standing Order is a subscription system where you inform us of the titles you wish to collect on a REGULAR basis. Whether you pick up your comics in-store or by mail order, a Standing Order will ensure that you will never need to worry about missing out on brand new 'HOT' titles ever again.

With a Standing Order your comics (or collectibles) are put aside automatically when our air-freighted shipments arrive each week. You need never worry about hearing those dreaded words 'SOLD OUT' ever again!

How to start a KINGS Standing Order - Its Easy!

The KINGS In-Store Standing Orders and Standing Mail Orders are very simple systems designed to ensure you don't miss out on any of the titles you collect.

To start a Standing Order, customers need to fill out a Standing Order System Agreement which includes a list of titles to be collected, along with name, address and contact details as well as a valid credit card. We require the signing of the form agreeing to the KINGS Standing Order Conditions which authorises KINGS to use your credit card for billing purposes. Once we have received this agreement we'll set you up with a Standing Order Number and you'll be ready to go!

Each month as comics are released, they will be put aside in your Standing Order. KINGS will bill any held orders on a fortnightly basis, and customers are required to pick up their orders on a frequent basis.

Comic book customers must collect at least four (4) regular ongoing titles to start an order. Regular magazine subscribers need only have one monthly magazine to start an order.

When a title is cancelled customers must pick up the following two issues. It is important that customers know exactly what is on their order.

Service is a priority to us at KINGS and we will do everything we can to ensure Standing Orders are kept up to date. However, we can't 'guess' what you want put aside, so be very specific with all of your requests. This applies to variants, annuals, specials, crossovers, mini-series and related merchandise. Remember, we place our orders 2-3 months in advance of publication, so please let us know what you need as soon as possible. We recommend that you check out all the options open to you for finding out about upcoming products.

I can't get into the store very often. How does the KINGS Standing Mail Order System work?

1. You must collect at least four monthly comic book titles and have a valid credit card against which KINGS can bill your order. If you only collect merchandise or magazines then the four title limit does not apply.

2. After you fill out the KINGS Standing Order System Agreement Form, we will enter all details and allocate you a Mail Order Number. We will then begin to put aside for you the titles as they come in, into your standing order. If at any time you need to add or delete any titles from your order, either call or email us your changes and It will be done promptly so that changes come into effect immediately. For deletions you must purchase the following two issues (as per the Standing Order conditions).

3. Each billing date, the contents of your order are billed to your credit card (details of which you provide us) and depending on your choice, is then mailed out either fortnightly or monthly.

4. Please be aware that you are billed on a fortnightly basis, regardless of your choice. Postage rates applydepending on weight, together with a small packaging and handling fee.

5. You should receive your order within 7 days of your mail out billing week. In some Country areas it may take a few extra days.

6. If at any time the Monday is a Public Holiday, the billing will be done by the Tuesday of that same week. If the contents of your box does not reach $10 (our shop minimum for EFTPOS and Credit Card transactions) you will not be billed until the next billing period (i.e. in two weeks), and your order will be sent with that next order. We do this to save you postage, unless you specifically request the mail-out regardless of how much the total comes to.

7. PREVIEWS: if you have PREVIEWS on your order, we will endeavour to send this out as soon as it arrives. If it arrives on a non-mail out week, you may receive this in a separate parcel. Due to the weight of PREVIEWS, the contents of your box may also be sent. This is done to save you postage on your next parcel. PREVIEWS is sent out quickly to give you time to thoroughly check the catalogue to see if there is anything you want in addition to your regular Standing Order. You MUST have your PREVIEWS orders returned to KINGS by the 18th of each month. If your order is not received by  this date, KINGS will NOT be able to guarantee your orders. Please note that some items are internationally restricted and may not be available for shipping to Australia. We will inform you if any of your orders fall into the restricted category. Also be advised that KINGS does NOT order any Previews item that has an 'ADULT' classification.

8. COMIC SHOP NEWS: This is a FREE Newsletter that comes out weekly, focusing on comic books. This can be easily added to your order and is a good way to keep up to date with a wide range of recent and upcoming releases.

How do I know which titles are being released each month?

PREVIEWS is the ONLY catalogue that lists ALL of the comic book titles being released for any given month. It is a monthly direct market specialty catalogue that in time will provide you with a complete reference library of all the comic books, trading cards, action figures and other merchandise that have been released over the year. KINGS recommends that all our customers use PREVIEWS as their primary ordering tool. 

PREVIEWS showcases a wide range of collectibles including posters, action figures, statues, videos, novels, magazines, manga and even more cool items! Most of the products in the PREVIEWS catalogue are solicited 2 to 3 months in advance; however some items take much longer to ship (especially toys and merchandise).

Marvel Comics is also publishing a monthly Marvel Previews to further highlight all of their hot selling titles.